Mogilev was one of the first in Belarus, on whose streets the works of street artists began to appear.
Here you will find a detailed map showing the most significant street art objects, as well as some information about the history of their creation, authors and other interesting facts about street art in Mogilev 

Map of street art objects of Mogilev

Murals, graffiti and other objects of street art on the streets and courtyards of Mogilev, created in different years in the course of different projects, are grouped - marked with the same color. Unfortunately, some of the interesting and important works have been lost over time - they are marked on the map with gray icons, but you can see their photos and learn interesting information about their history

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Street art walking tour in Mogilev

We can organize informal walks in places where the most interesting street art objects are located, in small groups, accompanied by a guide. To discuss the details, write a message using this form. Indicate the expected date, time and number of participants.


Bright pages of the history of Mogilev street art 

Canvas of history in graffiti style

One of the first large-scale works (June 2013)


On a concrete wall on the Timiryazevskaya street in the area of the Vyasnyanka factory Vitebsk artist Maxim Samosevich depicted his vision of the history of Mogilev.

The wall with the image was demolished during the preparation of the site for the construction of the supermarket.
The concrete slabs of the wall themselves have been preserved; they are stored in the location without open public access. 

Graffiti yard

August 2013


In the courtyard on Timiryazevskaya street, a team of graffiti artists created about a dozen works on various topics and in different techniques. The city authorities left the entire yard at the mercy of the artists: the facades of residential and facility buildings. One of the buildings even belonged to the criminal and correctional office of the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs.

Street artists were given 50 liters of acrylic paint, 310 spray bottles and two lifts. As a result, more than 10 paintings on different topics and in different techniques were born. There were no rigid limits on how and what graffiti lovers should draw.

7 artists from Vitebsk, Minsk, Mogilev, Moscow and Pinsk came to turn Mogilev "Khrushchev" residential buildings into works of street art. 3D graffiti appeared on the sidewalk, strange little men on bicycles appeared on the facades of houses. 



There are two staircases in Mogilev, which, thanks to local artists, have become art objects

Staircase on Dubrovenka river

October 2014

The sea with goldfish, the sun and the sky with seagulls fit in were drawn on the 95 steps of the stairs leading from the Palace of Children's Creativity to the Dubrovenka river embankment.

It took a 29-year-old Mogilev resident Oksana Evdokimenko six days and ten liters of paint to turn a gray eight-bay staircase into an art object. 

Graduates of “the Greenhouse” School of Urban Initiatives have implemented another project. An ornament appeared on the stairs leading to the city beach in Podnikolie.

The work took more than a month to complete due to weather conditions and the complexity of drawing. Olga Romanenko and Maria Saperova worked on the drawing, with the help of numerous volunteers, graduates of “the Greenhouse”. More than 20 liters of paint were used.

Poems on the walls

August-September 2017 

Seven poems by Belarusian poets adorned the walls of buildings in Mogilev.

The project started on July 18 with a poem by Yevgenia Yanishchits “Ty paklіch me, pazavі…”. The art object appeared in the courtyard of house number 20 on Mira Avenue. It was painted by a young artist Yulia Ratkina.

Within a month, six more art objects appeared on the walls, arches, facades of buildings - lines of poems by Maxim Bogdanovich, Larisa Genyush, Ales Ryazanov, Vitaly Ryzhkov. They were painted by Mogilev artists Olga Romanenko, Alesya Belyaeva, Maria Saperova, Alesya Pogoditskaya, Olga Azarenko.

Dancing on the pavement

August - September 2017

Part of the team that implemented the Poems on the Walls project created another completely unusual project, Dancing on Asphalt. Volunteers drew diagrams of dance steps: waltz, rumba and foxtrot.

The idea of ​​the project is simply to cheer people up so that they can accidentally discover dance patterns and dance a little.

The schemes appeared in five places in the city: near the Gymnastics Palace, the Preston shopping center (now there is the Arbat shopping center with McDonald's), in the square of the 40th anniversary of the Victory, on the Dnieper embankment and near the recreation center of the region. To date, only two have survived (albeit in an already thoroughly erased form). 


September-October 2018

For 14 days in late September - early October, Praekt14 participants in the courtyard on the street. Dzerzhinsky created graphic canvases and a number of art objects: a grassy sofa, signs of directions to love, happiness and dreams, decorations on trees, and others.

Soul of the yard

June-July 2019

Project of graduates of the school of urban initiatives "the Greenhouse". Art objects appeared in several courtyards of Leninskaya Street.
A large canvas at the end of the building was created by the artist Anton Demidenko.

And one more unique object is the result of the collective creativity of the inhabitants of Mogilev. Artist Yaroslav Sviridovich (Mr.Jek) during the master class showed how street works are created. The participants of the master class - mostly children and young people who had never tried their hand at street art before - created an interesting bright panel, decorating a rather gray courtyard before 

DOMA festival

June 2020

The DOMA (HOUSES) street art festival in Mogilev is organized by the Center for Urban Initiatives 

Two weeks before the City Day in Mogilev, artists from Mogilev, Vitebsk and Minsk worked on creating new art objects on houses, heating points, fences in courtyards. In the final - a colorful closing took place, part of which became an excursion.


June 2020


During the DOMA festival in June 2020, Sergei Pekhterev from Mogilev tried to show how the city sounds. He put musical pictograms on the walls of the city - the names of the tracks of Mogilev musicians. Try to visit these places while listening to the suggested playlist.
On the street art map of Mogilev, these objects are marked with music notations.

We collected the tracks themselves in a separate playlist (we could not find some on Youtube, so other songs by the same artists were added instead). 

DOMA 2021

June 2021

DOMA Street Art Festival hosted by the Center for Urban Initiatives

In 2021, the DOMA festival was held in Mogilev for the second time

The main feature and difference from the first DOMA street art festival is that almost all works (except one) are located very close to each other - within two neighboring courtyards on Pionerskaya Street.

For half of the artists, the created works were the first experience in a new genre of street art. 

Mini tour

The closing of the DOMA 2021 festival took place in the format of an excursion. New art objects were presented to Mogilev residents by the organizers of the festival and the authors of the works themselves. During the tour, local bloger Denis Vasilkov made a video about the event

Luk – “sewage hatch”

June 2021


An unusual project, born in the course of the MindBar creative marathon held by the Center for Urban Initiatives in May 2020 in Mogilev.

Already in June, young artists painted several sewage hatches in the city center - on the pedestrian Leninskaya Street (near houses 3, 7, 11, 14, 27, 34, 40, 41)

You can see the locations of all hatches on the map - in the "miscellaneous" layer

Unfortunately, the objects created by the artists were not able to withstand the effects of weather and pedestrians for a long time. By the summer of 2022, almost all images were lost.

DOMA 2022

June 2022

The DOMA street art festival is taking place for the third time. Artists from Mogilev and the "veteran" of Mogilev street art Yevgeny Syusyura Mutus from Pinsk took part. A total of 12 new works were created

The highest mural in Mogilev

In October 2022, the largest mural in Mogilev appeared on the wall of a 10-storey building at 61 Mira Ave. The work of Evgeniy Syusyura (Mutus) and Sergey Rysakov within the framework of the joint project of Urban Myths and Balarusbank "Tradytsyi dzelya budutyny" (Traditions for a Future).

DOMA 2023

July 2023

During the fourth DOMA street art festival, artists created their masterpieces on the walls of houses and buildings in the Mir-1 district. The largest work can be found on the building located at Prospekt Mira 13. Other paintings are visible at Lazarenko 16, and several more can be seen on Prospekt Mira 23b.

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Street art walking tour in Mogilev*

We can organize informal walks in places where the most interesting street art objects are located, in small groups, accompanied by a guide. To discuss the details, write a message using this form. Indicate the expected date, time and number of participants.

Information on the page will be updated. In addition, the map of art objects itself will be updated


We want to express our gratitude to the enterprises, brands and people who have helped and continue to help develop street art in Mogilev


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